BuddiBox offers businesses with a distribution and marketing solution specifically targeted at township communites, operated by youth from within the community.

Our business model is based on relationships that we build with households and community members. We launch with 4 key services (see below) and look to grow our basket of services as our buddi network matures and expands.

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Our Key Services

Buddi Retail

Sales and distribution of FMCG goods via an ecommerce platform with the assistance of buddis and delivered to households by means of Buddi logistics services.

Buddi Data

Data collection services for government institutions and businesses, these relate to: customer profiling, satisfaction surveys, service delivery checks, brand research, and consumer insights.

Buddi Marketing

Buddi Marketing offers businesses and government institutions the opportunity to engage with community members through our Buddi network of ambassadors. We offer various direct marketing, branding and promotions options, from Tuk-tuk branding (vehicle wraps), to brand activation, as well as product and leaflet drops.

Buddi Logistics

From BuddiBox central warehousing facilities, goods are dispatched to Local Delivery Centres (LDCs) located within communities, Buddis collect pre-packaged orders and deliver to households via delivery Tuk-tuks. Buddi Logistics also offers last mile delivery services for the public and private sector. Delivery tuk-tuks are operated by our Buddis.

Our Business Partners

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