The success of the BuddiBox model lies in the relationship that each Buddi establishes with individuals and households in their demarcated areas of operation and supported by the relationship of the BuddiBox brand and the community we operate in.

We have partnered with government institutions, leading communications and technology companies, branding and marketing specialists as well as FMCG companies, that allows us to deliver a wide range of products and services to communities.

BuddiBox assists youth to register their own businesses which are grouped into co-operatives within the communities they reside in. Co-operatives are then contracted to BuddiBox to deliver BuddiBox services within demarcated areas in the communities. The intention is to create business owners, who are familiar in their communities and able to build relationships with households as a fundamental requirement of relationship selling.

Buddis operate from Local Delivery Centres (LDC) situated in key points within communities. From the LDCs, buddis conduct their business activities. The LDC’s also serve as a storage facility for the surrounding community where retail goods are packaged based on confirmed orders from households and delivered at an agreed time.

Buddi’s are equipped with training and mentorship, financial and business management assistance, relevant technology platforms and dedicated delivery tuk-tuks which they are licensed to operate.