BuddiBox is the flagship entrepreneur development programme for the National Youth Development Agency. We have assumed a developmental approach in addressing systemic issues of youth unemployment.

Youth unemployment according to latest research has reached crisis levels, with more than 50% of youth unemployed in 2016. All indications show that youth unemployment numbers will continue increasing in the years to come unless large scale intervention strategies are implemented to address this issue.

Creating opportunities does not guarantee success. With this in mind we have developed a business model that lays the foundation for youth to take ownership of their future and assists them through the process. We equip enlisted youth with the necessary training, support, platforms and services in order to ensure they are successful and are able to progress as business owners.

BuddiBox partners with socially responsible corporate citizens and public enterprises in order to bring the BuddiBox distribution model into existence, leveraging existing brands and initiatives and relevant expertise within key areas of this project to ensure growth and sustainability.

Delivering Good is our mission, it is the primary objective that guides our business to achieve large scale, sustainable social change through innovative methods, focused on social and financial value creation.

The Purpose Of The BuddiBox Programme Is:

  • Create opportunities for unemployed youth and promote township entrepreneurs.
  • Development of Youth and Township based enterprises through management, development, marketing and distribution of goods  and services.
  • Provide training, formal education and mentoring for youth owned co-operatives.
  • Address the social ills affecting communities and youth such as drug and alcohol abuse, crime, and unsafe sexual behavior by providing youth with a  better vision for their future.
  • Development of an updated customer profile database for township communities: consumer shopping habits, income, life styles, motivations, preferences, demographics, and psychographics in order to customize products and services targeted at communities BuddiBox operates in.

How It Works

BuddiBox is a unique concept developed to create opportunities for youth, expand business reach and bring products and services to township communities.

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Want to know more about how we got to this point? See our rationale and research behind the BuddiBox project.

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